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About us

Our legal practice at SG Hlophe Attorneys law firm is based on the effort for the most comprehensive coverage of legal agenda, while always focusing only on areas where we have sufficient insight and experience supported by our team members. That is why we are able to provide the perfect legal services in many areas of law..Providing legal services at the highest level means linking the law to a personal and business life. Thanks to this fact we are still closer to the thinking of our clients and their problems in life and business.

Our Services

  • Criminal Law

  • Property & Real Estate

  • Financial Law

  • Property & Real Estate

  • Civil Litigation

  • Transactional Advisers (PPP)

  • Contracts

  • Taxes & Tax disputes

  • Private Equity

  • Labour Law

  • compliance Managers

  • Family Law

SG Hlophe Attorneys

Professional. Reliable. Efficient.

1We care

Our clients trust us because we treat their problems like our own. As your partner, we perform everything possible to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction. When it is not enough, we try even harder

2We make complex things simple

We make complex issues easy to understand. We do not use legal jargon. We simply explain what the problem is and how to solve it. This results, quite simply, in happier customers, and an increased bottom line

3We help you make right decisions

Our team has great expertise and experience in solving legal issues, so you can be sure that every aspect of the case is considered. Bring your problem to us and get the insights you need to make faster, smarter decisions

4We provide solutions, not billing hours

Our work means nothing if it doesn’t improve your business results. Our focus is to help you reach your goals in a cost-efficient manner

5Extensive experience

We provide a full service business focused advice and legal representation to clients on business issues, litigation and dispute resolution. The depth of knowledge and experience of our lawyers allows us to deliver high quality legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

6Comprehensive business support

We offer expertise in many fields. We provide support from business advisors, which includes support in management, pricing, drawing up business models and technical opinions. We also regularly liaise with M&A and private equity advisors.


Vision & Values



We respect client's privacy and we keep their affairs private.


We protect our client’s interests and we commit to safeguard them.